2014. július 6., vasárnap

Clocks in Sandbox

This is a post to test how I can embed some different services. For example some free world clocks provided by timeanddate.com, worldtimeserver.com etc. Unfortunately these cannot be tested in draft/preview, because these embedded contents are not visible but after publishing. So I'm forced to publish this post in a draft state. Sorry.

Unfortunately most blog-providers (e.g. the Vivaldi.net (predecessor successor of Opera), Wordpress, etc.) don't allow embedding elements, e.g. JavaScript codes, iframe tags, etc. For Wordpress bloggers there are some tricks, e.g. "gigya shortcodes": https://wpbtips.wordpress.com/category/gigya/, but it needs deeper HTML-coding knowledge and routine. From this point of view the Google's Blogger (Blogspot) application is better, it gives bloggers more freedom to be creative. On the contrary other good tools are missing in Blogger. Nothing can be perfect, my dear Visitor, can't be?

Well, I wanted to embed three clocks in my basic (Hungarian language) blog: http://evitae.wordpress.com/2014/07/06/szendvics/ but before that I had to fight hard with different difficulties, to try different way for a long time. Finally I won, as u can see there :-)

But now I try other possibilities here.

Clocks of timeanddate.com:

With iframe tag:With iframe tag:With iframe tag:

New York



Clocks of worldtimeserver.com:

With embed tag(flash):With JavaScript:With JavaScript:
New YorkHungaryChina

Conclusion:  Not too bad the result clocks of timeanddate.com (they are nice and varied) but the ones of worldtimeserver.com are better. The code of the latter is much handier, the preview is correct  and its clocks show the AM/PM.

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